Women’s Secret Quick Cleaning Tips

There aren’t many people that actually enjoy household chores. Sometimes it can feel like we’re in a never ending cycle of cleaning just to keep our home in good condition. However, just because we don’t enjoy it that doesn’t mean we can leave it – cleaning is something that has to be done! For those of us that can’t afford a cleaner, there are other options which can make your life easier.

Get a Routine Going

If you have a routine going then you are more likely to be motivated because you know how much work is left before you finish. If you’re cleaning the kitchen then always start at the cooker and work your way around the room, back to your cooker. The cooker is the dirtiest and greasiest part of your kitchen so you should always clean this last so you don’t spread dirt.

Don’t Leave

It Too Logit can be easy to put off cleaning because it isn’t “too bad” – however this will just make your life harder when you do actually start to clean up. Try to have set days to do things on so you know what needed to be done and when. For example, cleaning out your dishwasher once a week or mopping the kitchen floor every Wednesday.

Make The Best of Your Time

If you clean as you go then you avoid having to spend an afternoon cleaning or a day getting everything spick and span once again. So for example, while you’re washing up why not give the cupboards a rub down or while the children are brushing their teeth put some bleach down the toilet and give it a wipe. You won’t even notice that you have done these because they take such little effort but they will help keep everything nice and clean.

Have A Sort Out

Often mess is caused by having items lying around that we don’t really need. Once a year have a good sort out and throw away anything you haven’t used and don’t need. You might need to be brutal with this process but you’ll feel the benefit when you have a clean, tidy and clutter free home to live in.

Encourage Children to Tidy

Although this isn’t the case for very young children, once they are a bit older they should be in charge of keeping their bedroom and toys tidy. You might need to help them with certain aspects of this but generally they can do most of it themselves. Make sure you praise them for a tidy bedroom and let them know how much help they are being when it comes to making your life easier.

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