The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Guide

It might be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but there’s no doubt that the bathroom plays a big part in a prospective buyer’s mind when they view a property. For some reason, people immediately think that the cost of renovating a new bathroom can spread into the thousands and on some occasions, they’re completely right.

However, there are also times where bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to cost the earth. We’ll now filter through some of our favorite bathroom renovation tips, which will make the room sparkle and look like new without breaking the bank.

Opt for the electric shower Nowadays, you can spot out a house that has been renovated directly for the market a mile away. Neutral walls, the standard but satisfactory kitchen and finally, an electric shower in the bathroom. Landlords and sellers have become fully aware that electric showers are now what most households demand. They provide on demand water and it means that the days of cold showers are well and truly over.

The fact that they are cheaper to buy in the first place also helps matters, while if you do need to change your water system there is at least one Grundon pump supplier in the UK who provides the necessary equipment for an electric shower at a reasonable price.

Screen over curtain Now that the shower mechanics are out of the way, it’s time to progress to the aesthetics. With shower curtains being available for as little as a fiver from a lot of DIY stores, it’s no surprise that a lot of households decide to simply plump with this.

However, there is an option that is more pleasing on the eye, with the shower screen adding an extra dimension to most bathrooms. The translucent nature of them means that they can actually make the room bigger, while they just look a lot neater than those baggy curtains which gather dirt and countless other nasty’s as they continued to be sprayed with water.

Consider built-in shower storage

Another tip for the shower relates to the storage. Yes, you can purchase metal wracks that either fit into the corner of the cubicle or even on the shower itself, but if you’re looking to go the full way then consider getting your hammer out and knocking into walls. It might sound extreme, but making shelves in a stud wall can be very effective as these designs at Houzz show.

Opt against rainbow colorbred might be your favorite color, but when it comes to the bathroom this needs to be sent to the back of your mind. There’s only one shade that works when it comes to this room, and that’s white. It echoes cleanliness and if you were to ask most house hunters, they’d say that this was their first thought when they enter a bathroom.

Invest in exhaustion

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems that hinder bathrooms is condensation. A lot of households opt against opening windows and suffice to say, over time, this results in a lot of black mound being deposited against the walls, ceilings and general fixings.

To guard against this at least a little, try and invest in an exhaustion fan. Admittedly, if you continue to leave the windows open you will probably still have a problem with condensation, but mechanical ventilation will help tremendously and this is why it is now such an important part of the Building Regulations.

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