Ideas for Building Unique Garden Sheds

Posted in Home Improvement Do you want a garden shed that doesn’t look like any other?  

There are a few ways to make your shed look unique.  While some might say that a shed is purely functional and doesn’t need to have its own unique look, some people might want to make their shed into more than just a space to store items.  There are many really great looking sheds available from manufacturers like Garden Buildings Direct, but if you want to take one of those great sheds and add to it, here are a few items for making your garden shed unique.

Paint it

This is one of the easiest ways of making your garden shed look different, and it’s also very affordable.  The downside is that it’s really only an option for wooden or metal sheds.  With wooden sheds, you can also stain them to make them look a nice dark wooden color.  In addition to painting the outside, you can also paint the interior.  While many people may not see inside your shed, those that do will take note of the extra touch.

Make it Look Rustic

If you live out in the country or want your home to have a country feel to it, let your garden shed reflect that theme.  You can paint it to look like an old barn, for example, or do something a little different inside like add a brick floor.  You can really go all-out with decorating if you’re using the shed for something other than storage.

Change up the Exterior Material

Sheds can be made out of three types of material—wood, metal, and plastic—but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the exterior a little.  You can add a rock or brick exterior to make the shed match the main house, or you can make it look like a log cabin. Don’t Forget Windows You’d be surprised just how different a shed look with a window or two in it.  You might have the only garden shed in your neighborhood that looks like a small house.

Use Reclaimed Materials

Using reclaimed, recycled, or reused materials is a great way to give your shed an identity all its own.  You might find some reclaimed wood to use in the actual shed construction if you’re custom-building your shed, or you can reuse some building materials to make the exterior look different.

Make it your Secret Getaway

To really make your shed unique, turn it into something other than a shed.  Make it a home office, a yoga studio, a paint studio, or even an extra room.  Turning your shed into something else opens up many different creative possibilities.  You could put down tile or even carpet, add a comfortable chair, put in shelving, and much more.

Be Creative

There are no rules regarding what your shed has to look like, so be creative.  It doesn’t have to match your house or be painted one color.  Use your imagination and turn your shed into something truly unique.

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