How to Convert a Garden Shed into a Woodworking Shop

You can use a garden shed for more than just an extra storage space.  Many people convert them into extra rooms, studios, or small shops.  One particular use for a garden shed is to change it into a woodworking shop.  This way, you have a dedicated space for all of your woodworking tools, and you don’t have to worry about filling up the garage or getting sawdust all over.  If you want to convert your shed into a new woodworking shop, here are the basic steps you’ll need to take.

Own a Shed

This one is pretty obvious—you’ll need a shed!  If you already have one and it’s large enough, you can convert it.  If it’s too small or you don’t have a shed at all, you’ll need to purchase one.  Companies like Garden Buildings Direct offer a wide variety of models to choose from.

What Type of Shed is Best?

Sheds are made from wood, metal, or plastic.  For a woodworking shop, you’ll probably want to go with wood.  This is so it’s easier to modify.  A metal shop can work, too, but it’s going to get a lot colder in the winter and hotter in the summer.  Wooden shops are easier to insulate.  You certainly want to go with one of the higher quality woods like cedar or redwood.  Wood also helps to repel insects and is naturally water resistant.

Decide on the Location

This is actually more important with a shed that you’re going to convert than a shed that you’re going to use for storage.  The reason is because you may want to run an electric line to your shed.  You will probably want to place it near your home to make this easier, but remember it needs to be on a very flat surface.  You might even want to put down a foundation of concrete to sit your shed on.

Modify the Shed

Modifying sheds is actually pretty easy, especially if the shed is made from wood.  The first thing to do will be to make all of the structural changes.  This includes insulating the shed to make it more comfortable.  You’ll want to be sure to put in several electrical outlets so you can operate all of the necessary tools without constantly plugging and unplugging them.  You will also want to install some lighting even if your shed has windows.

You can install shelving, hooks, and pegboard along the walls so you have plenty of space to store your equipment.  You can also put in a workbench, cabinets, and countertops so you’ve got a lot of room to work. Finally, you might want to paint the exterior of your shed or otherwise make it look a little different.  You could add a few shelves on the exterior to hold some items that might not necessarily need to be indoors all the time or for letting things dry after you paint them.

Can you do it all?

If you’re building a woodworking shop, chances are you’ve got some experience using tools.  The only thing you may find out of your area of expertise is running the electrical wires from your home to the shed.  This can be very dangerous, and it may be worth it to have a professional handle this part.

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