Different Kitchen Styles You Will Love

One of the pleasures of remodeling a kitchen is choosing a style. This begins long before the work begins or even before a contractor is hired. There are so many styles of kitchen to choose from that a homeowner might not know what to choose from. A good rule of thumb is that the style should complement the rest of the decor of the house. The good news is that “complement” doesn’t mean that the kitchen must match everything exactly. Here are four kitchen styles that a homeowner can choose from: European Style the European or Euro style kitchen is known for its clean lines and strong angles. It’s rather spare and functional, but the trick is to make the kitchen inviting. The benefit of such kitchens is that they’re made of materials that are easy to clean, like tile, stone, faux stone, stainless steel or melamine. Since most apartments in Europe are small, this type of kitchen is ideal for a small space.

Euro style kitchens have frameless cabinets and often the cabinet doors are glass fronted. Frosted glass can be had if the homeowner doesn’t want guests to see what’s behind them. The colors are neutral and the windows are usually unadorned.

Victorian Style

Real Victorian kitchens may not have been all that much fun to cook in, with wood burning stoves that had to be constantly watched and stoked and which made the room unbearably hot. But 21st century Victorian kitchens have much of the ornateness of the real thing along with the benefits of modern appliances. Things that make a Victorian kitchen stand out are beautiful hardware like prettily wrought brass hinges and door pulls. The cabinets and islands are made of heavy, carved wood but not so heavy that it makes the room seem oppressive. Counters and floors are made of stone or wood.

Shaker Style

Like Euro style, Shaker style is utilitarian but attractive. The angles are straight and clean, but the cabinets are framed and come with recessed panels and ranks of small drawers or tills to make sure that everything is stored in its proper place. The wood is traditionally maple, pine or birch and the supportive but comfortable chairs have ladder backs, rush seats and sturdy legs. They match the equally well built kitchen table.

Arts and Crafts Style

The Arts and Crafts style kitchen is also dominated by wooden furnishings and clean lines, but it’s not quite so austere as the Shaker style. The wood of cabinets and kitchen islands are made of oak and are simple. The floors and countertops can be made of stone, terra cotta or even porcelain and the walls can even be covered in patterned fabric or leather.

 A nice touch in an Arts and Crafts kitchen might be a beautiful reproduction Tiffany hanging lamp in the center of the ceiling. Multipaned windows with wooden frames are also good for Arts and Crafts kitchens. Again, the homeowner should contact the NJ window company.

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