Cleaning a Swimming Pool Need Not Be Difficult

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One of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance is keeping it clean. There is little worse than a dirty pool, which is not only unpleasant to swim in, but can also cause health problems for those who use it regularly.

But taking care of your pool’s cleanliness and hygiene does not need to be a complex or onerous job. It is just a matter of taking some simple steps. Firstly, make sure that you own some kind of leaf skimmer. This usually consists of a net with a long handle, which is used to remove leaves and other debris from the water. It is also useful to own the right brush with which to clean the sides and bottom surface of the pool. Nylon bristles work best with vinyl or fiberglass pools. If you have a tiled pool, it is best to buy a proper tile cleaning brush.

Chlorine is another important ingredient in keeping your pool clean. Out of all swimming pool chemicals from suppliers like Chesil, this does most to prevent algae, fungi and bacteria from growing and causing unpleasant problems. Chlorine needs to be between one and three parts per million for optimum performance. You should test your pool frequently to make sure that this kind of chlorine level is maintained.

It is also important to clean the filters regularly. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on taking the filter apart, and hose it out and scrub it down as necessary. It may also be necessary to replace or add diatomaceous earth in order to keep the filter working properly. If you are in any doubt over the correct procedure for filter maintenance, consult the manufacturer of your pool.

Lastly, you must also keep the bottom of the pool clean. The easiest way to do this is to drain the pool and use a pool vacuum. This will suck up debris, sand and any insects which have collected at the bottom of the pool, keeping it clean and usable.

Maintaining a swimming pool properly is not a difficult thing to do. It does require a steady routine and the right equipment though. Keep an eye on your pool at all times and issues should not snowball into major problems.

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