Are You Asking Yourself, Where Will I Put My Stuff?

warehouse storage

There are so many times in your life that you may need to store your belongings. Whether you’re renovating a room or two and requiring keeping your furniture safe for a month, or heading overseas for that special assignment that you could not turn down, warehouse storage may be the solution for you.

While space is usually expensive, warehouse storage is cheap. With prices between twenty and a hundred and fifty dollars a month choose the proper size for your storing needs. Facilities often offer a range of sizes from as small as a locker, to up to 50 ft. X 50 ft.  So it’s imperative that you figure out how many cubic feet your items will need. If you have trouble doing this, a warehouse consultant can help you. You don’t want to spend a penny more than you have to!

warehouse storage

Warehouse storage is a way to make sure that your items remain in excellent shape You may think of moving your carefully selected furniture into your parent’s garage, but you will learn the hard way that it’s not a good idea. A tiny leak in the roof of the garage may transform your beautiful wooden bed into the rotted wood, the pungent odour of mould making it fit for the nearest dumping site. Licensed storage facilities offer a clean, dry place where your items will not be destroyed and climate control.

Warehouse storage sites often offer a moving service as well. So, if you need a team to come pack and remove your items, you will be comfortable knowing that a professional did the job.

However, if you choose to pack your items yourself, there are storage containers that can make the job easier. Go to your favourite hardware store or google warehouse storage containers and you will be pleasantly surprised at the range of containers available for you to do the job. Don’t forget to label! Imagine how happy you will be when you come to unpack your things, and they are well preserved and organized.

One last thing. Don’t forget to check reviews on the warehouse facilities you choose. Make sure that it is licensed and reputable. Many warehouses display their license on their website. It is easy to compare warehouses online, and you should do so before choosing the one that fits your needs.

So, if your needs are as simple as a trunk of winter clothes or as complex as five rooms of furniture that you spent years accumulating with love; as you put a piece of your life on hold, sleep better knowing that your belongings are safe and waiting to join you, whenever you are ready. Thanks to your neighbourhood warehouse!

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